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Nutranews: information and news on health, nutrition and anti-ageing
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Aloe Vera 500 ml
Aloe Vera 500 ml
Relieves the digestive ...
500 ml
28.00 €
(31.42 US$)
Spirulina  498.5 mg
Spirulina 498.5 mg
A Super Food
240 tablets
25.00 €
(28.05 US$)
Super Harpagophytum 250 mg
Super Harpagophytum 250 mg
Effective relief for se...
120 Veg. Caps
36.00 €
(40.40 US$)
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Carb Blocker 500 mg
Carb Blocker 500 mg
New raw material, neutr...
60 Veg. Caps
- 35 %
21.00 €
13.65 €
(15.32 US$)
Charcoal 400 mg
Charcoal 400 mg
Powerful entero-absorbe...
200 Veg. Caps.
- 45 %
29.00 €
15.95 €
(17.90 US$)
Peptidea® 200 mg
Peptidea® 200 mg
Effective relief for st...
90 Veg. Caps
- 50 %
29.00 €
14.50 €
(16.27 US$)
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What are natural remedies for preventing and relieving osteoarthritis?
What are natural remedies for preventing and relieving osteoarthritis? Do you have stiffness, pain in your neck or your knees, or chronic inflammation? Do you, like millions of other French men and women, suffer from or are you at risk of osteoarthritis? Here are five simple, natural, and effective methods for relieving osteoarthritis pain.
How can you preserve your memory?
Are you worried about memory problems and memory loss? Of course you are. But are you using your memory enough and are you taking the proper daily steps to preserve it? Here are five essential steps you can take to preserve and develop your memory.
Top 10 Anti-cholesterol Foods
We have prepared this list of the ten best foods for regulating, preventing, and reducing bad cholesterol. Include these foods in your menus as regularly as possible.
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Food supplements: health, weight, sport or beauty

Creating menus that cover all your nutrient needs – and in the right proportions - can be a laborious task. That’s why Supersmart offers dietary supplements that meet specific demands: weight control supplements for shedding the pounds, sports supplements to promote muscle recovery, supplements that combat fatigue and ageing … Inspired by scientific research, all our products are designed to provide optimal synergy between vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients, amino acids and natural health products such as probiotics.

Multivitamins for maintaining health

Among all the nutrients that have been identified, there are an estimated fifty or so that the body cannot produce in sufficient quantities. These are essential nutrients and even a slight deficiency can lead to physical and mental health problems which are difficult to diagnose, such as fatigue or mood disorders. Vitamins, present in tiny amounts in the diet but essential for life, form part of these nutrients. Each of them has a role in specific bodily functions (reproduction, growth, cognitive activity, well-being …) and some of them are actually antioxidants. That’s why multivitamins undoubtedly represent the best way of obtaining their benefits.

Nutrition for every need

There is ample evidence of the effect diet has on our health: a nutritious diet is a key element in promoting good health and preventing disease. The action of digestive juices transforms food into nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein …), the physiological role of which is now well-understood. When faced with certain diseases (disruption of the endocrine system, prostate problems, Alzheimer’s disease …), it is therefore perfectly acceptable to make more informed nutritional choices in order to restrict the disease’s development or accelerate the healing process. Hence we have neuro nutrition to improve cognitive performance, detoxification to eliminate toxins or anti-aging nutrition to counter the effects of growing older.
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