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Fermented organic black garlic supplement
Fermented organic black garlic supplement
0726Fermented organic black garlic supplementSizeFermented organic black garlic supplement
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Organic ABG10+®
Blood sugar and cholesterol
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22.00 €(23.18 US$)
Limited quantity
The first and only organic black garlic extract supported by scientific studies
  • Standardised to 0.1% S-allyl-cysteine (the highest percentage on the market).
  • Odour-free, with no effect on the breath (absence of allicin).
  • Supports cardiovascular health and helps reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Helps boost the immune system and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • 10 times higher antioxidant potency than standard black garlic extracts.
  • Organically-grown raw materials of European origin.
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Cloves of aged organic black garlic

Organic ABG10+®: organic black garlic supplement - Use

Organic ABG10+® is a dietary supplement formulated from extract of organic black garlic, also known as aged garlic.

Standardised in S-allyl-cysteine, it is aimed at anyone who wants to take care of their cardiovascular health and maintain balanced cholesterol levels.

This supplement is exceptionally biologically rich. With a unique composition, it is an invaluable aid to the immune system and to combatting oxidative stress.

What exactly is black garlic?

Black garlic is so-named because of its charcoal-coloured flesh. It is obtained by means of a unique process in which bulbs of white garlic are left to ferment in a warm, humid container or environment (at a temperature of 60ºC-80ºC and a humidity of 70%-90%).

This process ages the fresh garlic while significantly enriching its nutritional composition. Black garlic contains a particularly high level of S-allyl-cysteine, an organosulfur compound studied extensively by the scientific community.

Meltingly soft and sweet, black garlic is increasingly popular with chefs as a gourmet product, with the delicious flavours of caramelised fruit.

What benefits does the supplement Organic ABG10+® offer?

The benefits of the supplement Organic ABG10+®

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used for thousands of years for cooking and medicinal purposes, particularly in the Mediterranean region. This garden vegetable offers multiple health benefits. Its conversion into black garlic (a technique invented in Japan at the beginning of the 2000s) enhances its composition still further.

The black garlic extract in Organic ABG10+® thus helps to:

  • support cardiac, vascular and vein health (1);
  • reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure (2-3);
  • support immunity and protect against bacterial infections(4-5);
  • support respiratory health (6);
  • exert an antioxidant effect (7).

As mentioned, black garlic contains a significant amount of S-allyl-cysteine, as well as polyphenols, flavonoids, and selenium ... What’s more, the process of converting white garlic into black removes its allicin, the compound responsible for garlic’s strong smell and taste. So with Organic ABG10+®, you can gain the full advantages of garlic’s properties without suffering ‘garlic breath’.

5 key advantages of this organic black garlic extract

By choosing Organic ABG10+®, you’re benefiting from:

  • an organically-grownblack garlic extract that’s GMO-free and of European origin;
  • the only black garlic supplement to be supported by scientific studies (8-12);
  • a concentration of over 0.1% S-allyl-cysteine, the highest percentage on the market, distinguishing Organic ABG10+® from standard aged garlic supplements;
  • 10 times greater antioxidant potency than the average offered by competitors’ black garlic extracts, due to an exceptionally high content of melanoidins (Pharmactive data);
  • a 100% vegan supplement, delivered in vegetarian capsules and containing natural excipients only (acacia gum and white rice bran).

When and how should you take your fermented black garlic extract supplement?

If you want to take care of your cardiovascular health and ensure your cholesterol levels are balanced, rest assured that Organic ABG10+® can be used as a long-term adjunct to dietary measuresto reduce hyperlipidaemia. The recommended daily dose is 2 capsules, which can be taken at any time of day.

Organic ABG10+® should not be taken before or after surgery due to its potential anticoagulant effects. Neither is it recommended for those suffering from porphyria, an extremely rare disease of blood metabolism.

3 tips for naturally reducing your LDL cholesterol

Alongside supplementing with aged black garlic, there are a few simple measures that can help decrease your levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. Remember that LDL cholesterol tends to clump together on artery walls, forming atheromatous plaques that are damaging for cardiovascular health. To lower your levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, try to:

  • reduce your intake both of fats (by eating less meat, cheese, butter, oil, pastries, biscuits ...) and of salt (by consuming less charcuterie, which has a high sodium content) ;
  • prioritise unsaturated fatty acids (such as vegetable oils, nuts, oily fish …) and consume more fruits and vegetables ;
  • and improve your lifestyle by taking regular exercise, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol.

Supplements to take in conjunction with aged black garlic

Alongside Organic ABG10+®, it’s a good idea to also take linoleic acid, a fatty acid known to help lower cholesterol levels. We’d recommend opting for CLA, a supplement containing conjugated linoleic acid which is supported by 13 clinical studies.

And don’t miss out on the powerful effects of Cardio Booster. This synergistic formulation is rich in hawthorn extract, which helps improve the function of the heart and cardiovascular system. It also contains many other excellent compounds: co-enzyme Q10, lignans, taurine, vitamin B12 and beta-sitosterols.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

per dose

Organic ABG10+®
(extract of organic aged black garlic, standardised to 0.1% S-allyl-cysteine)
250 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, white rice bran.
Organic ABG10+® capsules are composed of a natural polysaccharide called pullulan.
Organic ABG10+®, Pharmactive, Spain.
Directions for use
Adults. Take 2 capsules a day.
Each capsule contains 125 mg of Organic ABG10+®.
4.4 /5 20 reviews
4.4 / 5
4.4 / 5
Value for money
4.3 / 5

Reviews 20
60 %

Nicolas Lefebvre
Efficace, correspond à la description. Prix correct.

Client Fey Henri
excellent pour le coeur
excellent pour une multitude de pathologies
Cumple su proposito
Pierre-Aldo Patti
après des mois de cure: apparemment positif. Difficile d'évaluer sans des analyses quantitatives par médecin
alain degrelle
C'est la meilleure qualité d'ail noir fumé.
L'évaluation ne peux se faire qu'après la fin de la boite et de pouvoir constater un résultat flagrant
Lolita D.
Excellent produit, baisse du cholestérol
Très bon produit
SUDAN Jacques
mille fois meilleur que des statines
No controla muy concretamente el colesterol, pero sí que puede tener efecto en la presión sanguinea
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The first and only organic black garlic extract supported by scientific studies
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The first and only organic black garlic extract supported by scientific studies
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Fermented organic black garlic supplement
Organic ABG10+®
The first and only organic black garlic extract supported by scientific studies
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4.5 20 reviews
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Preventing the unpredictable in cardiovascular health
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Pack "Organic ABG10+® + Triple Protect"
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Organic ABG10+®
22.00 €
(23.18 US$)
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