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Welcome Ingredients Vitamin C

Vitamin c, a vitamin of exceptional value to the body

Looking for the best possible vitamin C supplement? Your search is over. Supersmart offers a choice of the most effective vitamin C supplements for boosting your immune system, beating fatigue and fighting oxidative stress.

In particular, you’ll find Ester C, a patented, non-acidic form of vitamin C which lasts longer in the body than standard forms (ascorbic acid). Triple C is also very effective, with three synergistic forms of the vitamin and a high content of flavonoids which increase the absorption of vitamin C. But the most outstanding vitamin C supplement remains liposomal vitamin C, naturally extracted from Scottish plants, which offers the best absorption on the market.


A stable and potent form of vitamin C that can penetrate cells, and that maintains telomere length

37.00 €(40.22 US$)
4.5 18 reviews
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Exceptionally rich in natural chlorophyll and nucleic acids.

37.00 €(40.22 US$)
5 8 reviews
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Daily 2® Timed ReleaseDaily 2® Timed Release

Multivitamin formulation with sustained release

29.25 €45.00 €(31.80 US$)
5 20 reviews
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Daily 3®Daily 3®

The most complete multivitamin supplement you can take in a single capsule

57.00 €(61.96 US$)
5 368 reviews
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Ester C®Ester C®

Non-acidic, four-times-better-absorbed form of vitamin C

39.00 €(42.39 US$)
4.5 21 reviews
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Joint Support Formula Joint Support Formula

Improves joint comfort Stronger, improved formulation for healthier joints

54.00 €(58.70 US$)
5 45 reviews
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Liposomal Vitamin C 335 mgLiposomal Vitamin C 335 mg

Highly-bioavailable form of vitamin C

52.00 €(56.53 US$)
5 44 reviews
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Perlingual glutathione 100 mgPerlingual glutathione 100 mg

Glutathione in an easily absorbable - perlingual - form!

31.00 €(33.70 US$)
5 27 reviews
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Broad-spectrum, systemic detoxifier

25.80 €43.00 €(28.05 US$)
0 No reviews
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Resveratrol SynergyResveratrol Synergy

Improves biomarkers of aging and promotes expression of longevity genes

48.00 €(52.18 US$)
5 18 reviews
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Triple CTriple C

Ascorbic acid + calcium ascorbate + ascorbic palmitate

28.00 €(30.44 US$)
5 23 reviews
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More active and bioavailable form of CoQ10

45.65 €83.00 €(49.62 US$)
5 39 reviews
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